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Fees & Costs

Fixed residential conveyancing fees for registered properties

Charged at 0.1% of the sale/purchase price subject to a minimum fixed fee of:


£300 Freehold

£450 Leasehold


£400 Freehold

£550 Leasehold

Newbuilds from £595-Freehold £645-Leasehold

N.B. These fees cover the cost of the conveyancing service only. Disbursements, amounts paid on behalf of clients to another person or organisation, for example search fees, Land Registration fees and Stamp Duty Land Tax, are expenses additional to our fees. Fees for any associated mortgage work for lenders can be discussed with a firm able to act for such lenders.

Lease Extensions

Statutory extensions under the 1993 Act-from £700-NB Half of the total fee will be invoiced once the premium for the extension is agreed and the balance prior to registration of the new extended lease.

Privately agreed extensions-from £450

Collective Enfranchisement-Freehold acquisition

Fees start from £1750 where there are two units in the building which is the subject of the freehold purchase and on the basis the freehold will be held in the names of the flat owning purchasers. As with individual statutory lease extensions, half of the total fee will be invoiced once the premium/price for the freehold purchase is agreed and the balance prior to registration of the freehold transfer or conveyance.

Please note:- Fees stated for individual lease extensions and Collective Enfranchisement do NOT include fees/costs and disbursements which may be necessary to make applications to the First Tier Property Tribunal or County Court to prevent the deemed withdrawal of initial notices under the 1993 Act. Should this action be necessary, clients will be advised at the first available opportunity and given an estimate of costs.

Commercial conveyancing fees

Please Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Simple wills, where a testator (person making the will) wishes to appoint one/two executors and leave their estate absolutely to one/two beneficiaries can cost as little as £75.

Additional clauses appointing testamentary guardians during the minority of infant children, making outright pecuniary (money) gifts or gifts of specific items of property to named individuals are £15 for each clause. Clauses dealing with the outright gift of residue (what remains of a persons estate after specific gifts, payment of debts/taxes and administration expenses) to named individuals £30. For more elaborate arrangements, please Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

From £165 per document=£235 both LPA’s + OPG fees (currently £82 per LPA)

Certificate Provision fees from £75 for a single certificate

Probate and Administration

Applications for Grant of Probate only:

Where the gross value of the estate does not exceed £325,000           from £225

Where the gross value of the estate exceeds £325,000                          from £450

Full Administration-Application for Grant, collection of assets and payment of debts, distributing specific and pecuniary legacies, preparation of estate accounts and distribution of residue-Fee based on 0.5% of the gross value of the estate up to £1,000,000 and 0.15% on the excess, plus disbursements, subject to minimum fees of £1125 for estates with a gross value up to £325000 and £2250 for estates whose gross value exceeds £325000.

Please note that Property sales/transfers are regarded as separate transactions and subject to additional conveyancing fees as stated above on this page.

Note: The current Probate Court fee (a disbursement) for applying for a Grant of Representation through a solicitor is £155. For personal applications, the current fee is £215.

For fees in connection with Deputyship applications, trusts and estate planning, please contact us with your requirements.

NB: VAT: Five Counties Legal Services is currently NOT registered for vat.